about us

InvestwiZe is a comprehensive financial services organization with a vision to provide first hand investment and financial guidance to help its customers achieve their financial goals. We are a team of Chartered Accountants and MBAs with expertise in various financial tools and services to provide client specific consultancy.


Our vision is to see our clients achieve their financial goals assisted by our financial expertise under one stop financial shop


Our mission is to enable individuals to assess their financial needs and manage their hard earned money through proper channels of financial management. We believe in providing superior quality services and committed growth to our clientele.


We understand that Securities markets are subject to inherent risk but if traded with precision, can make you success! InvestwiZe works on certain principles, which it passes on to its clients also for their successful trading. We advice all our clients to abide the basic principles in trading to be successful.


We believe that markets behave as per Fundamentals. But, till the fundamental news reaches a common man, the effect of the same is already seeped in the prices. However, consistent study of technical’s can help us in identifying the pattern and market movements.

Our research team has done various analyses and consistently studies the market movements to identify those patterns and analyze the short-term and medium term trends in the market. We also believe that there are various ways to make money in the stocks & commodities market. However, they all require the following –

  • 1.Systematic Trading Technique (Trading calls either invented by you or third party).

  • 2. Consistently using the trading technique.

  • 3.Money Management.